Our Logo

So, why the key company logo?MASTER LOGO - SMALL:Layout 1

What does it mean and why does the company use it?

  • The key is symbolic  of opening powers. It represents; understanding, initiation, curiosity, discovery and insight. All qualities our business aspires to and provide to clients.
  • A strict dictionary definition includes; A vital, crucial element and a cipher for decoding or interpreting.
  • We are passionate to “protect” our clients and a key plainly represents; security, trust and safety.
  • A key also connotes the ability to uncover or unlock knowledge, illuminate hidden wisdom and gain entry. In the tax world it sometimes seems that the answer is buried deep in EC and UK legislation, hidden behind myriad information published by HMRC and obscured by case law and ongoing legal challenges.  We aim to cut through the froth to identify what’s what.
  • Of course, literally “the key” is the answer or the solution.
  • From ancient times a key has been connected to the word “ward”.  From an area of land; a division of a city or town, especially an electoral district to warders who guarded areas with the use of keys, to the protection of – a ward of court to a part of a lock which is opened by the use of a key (a ward or warded lock).
  • It seems to us that a key represents the strengths of the company and demonstrates historical links to the Ward name.