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Twitter: @mw_vat

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Our location

We are based near the beautiful town of Bury St Edmunds map  Most of our clients are located in Cambridge and London.

Website Images0062However, geographical location is no problem to us and we regularly provide services to clients nationwide.  Most of our clients are UK based, but in the modern business world international trade is becoming increasingly common and we act for clients in other EC Member States and across the world.

Due to a new strategic alliance, we are now able to offer a true, comprehensive worldwide tax, Customs Duty and Excise service from high-level consultancy to compliance in other countries.

Gone are the days when you, or your clients, had to deal individually with representatives in different countries, or pay extremely high fees and receive less than immediate service from the big 4. We now act as a one-stop shop for every country in the world.  Whether it be;

  • a sales tax issue in Texas
  • a dispute with the authorities in Romania
  • a Customs Duty problem with entering goods into Mumbai
  • appointing a tax representative in Hong Kong
  • a disagreement over tax with a customer in Switzerland, or
  • a requirement to file documents in Russia,

we can do this on your behalf.

Of course, we cover every EC Member State – which may be increasing important after Brexit.

We offer a comprehensive, immediate and very reasonably priced service with total transparency on cost and quick response times.  We can handle all matters including; advice, structuring, support and compliance while dealing with language issues, understanding domestic legislation and dealing with the relevant authorities in each country.  All advice is provided by our very experienced and highly qualified staff with a comprehensive network of contacts.  We understand local practices and customs as well as the precise technical requirements.  Our advice aims to remove uncertainty and provides a definitive view, rather than a business having to rely on hearsay, incomplete or outdated online information, or advice from a customer/supplier which may not be accurate  – all of which we have seen in the past and which can lead to very expensive surprises.

Our service covers the ambit from a small business’ first time cross-border or overseas transaction to the largest multi-national.

Please contact me should you, or your clients have any international issues, or if you, or they, are dissatisfied with current advice in this respect.  We can also act on behalf of other VAT consultancies which do not have worldwide coverage.


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